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ballistic pressure testing

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PORT ST. LUCIE UTILITY SYSTEM DEPARTMENT PRESSURE TEST REPORT Project Name: PSLUSD Project Number: Engineer of Record: Project Contractor: Test Date: L Allowable Leakage Formula: (AWWA C600 / C605)
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Hard reform in this process we use high-pressure water to form metal easy way to imagine this like when you fill a water blown up with a balloon over the tap turn the tap on the balloon expands create a 3d object from something was initially to date swap the bloom sheets of metal swap the tab for something we've all got in our garage or in my case my neighbor's garage a pressure washer these things will kick out a hundred bar first thing they need to do is make an adaption for the end of the hose these can't the shove that into a bit of metal so let's say something bits we've split this enough and we want little brass I never got a caught a PSP tap you can get these off eBay they're pretty cheap and you can wine this in here now we've got Fred in the end we can get like a little nipple or a fitting or anything like that into the end and that gives us a way to connect our hose to our workpiece okay we need something to form so to start with I've got some 1 mil mild steel sheet say day so I've got a few different shapes now drill a hole in one of the plates and then weld the two together round the edges and then above the hole weld a steel plumbing fitting you could also put this in the side or anywhere really it doesn't really matter now and for the attachment I've got a lot of plumbing fittings I'll put all the links on my website where you can boil these I've also managed to get a pressure gauge so we can actually see what pressures inside now we can wine that on to the plumbing fits in so it's a lot easier to do when I'm gonna concentrate on the camera and then the hose whined into there and then pump it up but also I've got a little cap which I can undo because we've got to get the air out we don't want any air in there cuz air is compressible and then if one of the world was to fire it I think we'd have look at the little miniature bomb really well it's just got water in it it doesn't matter what's non compressible if he just gets a hold on it just pin out the spray a little bit of water out and then it will just the pressure will just reduce immediately so we're hoping well they try to square one whoa let's go sir pressure in that 20 by 20 burst it this is actually not that bad we've kind of made a metal pillow chatter ladies that's what cool I don't want to use it for Oh as we can get it's gonna go it's gonna go seems you've got a bit of a buckle in it somehow circles don't work as this thing tries to grow the size try and contract and they've got nowhere to go because they're all joined the new you end up getting a horrible kinky mess if you must but maybe these different shapes this one hoped it's gonna make a funnel this is gonna be like a two-stroke exhaust chamber right see this goes this is actually really cold this does resemble a two-stroke exhaust just need to get rid of the dents and this pillow same thing even though I thought was quite useless if you just cut the middle out of it you can actually use that to cap off a square...
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